Monday, 27 January 2014

Kirsty Rogers Join's Enzygo's Team

Kirsty Rogers is Enzygo's newest recruit joining our Ecology Department with Chris Formaggia in our Monmouth office in Wales.

Kirsty is a Zoology with Conservation and Master of Zoology graduate, with a good grounding in ecology, evolution, conservation and biology. Prior to joining Ezygo, Kirsty was working as a freelance field ecologist and has contributed to a number of protected species and problematic species surveys and worked as an ecological clerk of works. She has a particular interest in small mammals and is training towards gaining a full surveyor’s bat license.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Concern for Flood Risk Advice

Experts have voiced fears that cuts to the Environment Agency's budget could mean that its role as an adviser to councils on the implications of development proposals on flood risk will be less effective.

The Environment Agency, which coordinated the response in England to the recent flooding, is a statutory consultee for specified categories of development where flood risk is an issue. In 2012/13 it provided detailed flood risk advice on nearly 9,000 developments.

Environment secretary Owen Paterson told MPs last week that it would be "absurd, given the knowledge that we now have, to build houses or anything else on a flood plain". He said that the agency is "active in vetting planning applications".

But experts have raised concern that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' cuts to the agency's budget could affect its ability to provide advice to councils on the flood risk implications of proposed developments.

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Tackling Flood Risk need not Preclude your Development

Old caravans being cleared at Tamar View

The government has, at long last, pledged to set out strategic plans for improving flood defences, setting out a priority list of projects by autumn 2014. This will be welcome relief to the thousands of caravan and park homes sites, whose close proximity to the coast and major waterways leaves them amongst the most susceptible to flooding.

According to a survey last year by DEFRA, 28 per cent of all caravan and camping sites in England and Wales are at risk of flooding with more than two-thirds at 'significant' or 'moderate' risk. No longer content to wait for government intervention, an increasing number of parks are implementing their own flood defence measures which not only improve on-site safety but are also delivering tangible commercial benefits.

One such park operator, Ian James, was spurred into action after reading an article on flooding in march issue after having his development plans put on hold by the Environment Agency (EA). Ian is the Managing Director of Brean Beach Holiday Parks that operates four private parks in Somerset and Cornwall. His newest venture, Tamar View, was previously a caravan park that had been left derelict for over a decade. With stunning views across the Tamar Valley, Ian recognised the park had enormous potential but required substantial development.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Enzygo’s Bat Survey Confirms Bat Roosts on the Monnow Gate Bridge

Enzygo Limited’s Ecology Team has commenced providing expert bat supervision services in support of the maintenance work now being undertaken on the Monnow Gate Bridge in Monmouth. The Monnow Gate Bridge is a Grade 1 Listed Building and is of national historical value. It is the last intact gated medieval bridge in the UK and is managed by Monmouthshire County Council. In 2012 Enzygo’s Ecology Team carried out a full bat survey of the structure and confirmed the presence of summer roosts of Daubenton’s and pipistrelle bat species. Enzygo has subsequently supported Monmouthshire in obtaining a bat licence from
Natural Resources Wales to allow the maintenance work to proceed. In accordance with conditions under that licence the Ecology team is now providing expert supervisory services in conjunction with the main contractors ALD Plant Hire of Abergavenny. The works are being conducted using a specialised under-bridge-unit that has been brought in from Newcastle to provide the necessary access to the structure. Enzygo’s Ecology Team has considerable experience of delivering ecological services in support of works to historically important and complicated structures.
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Job Vacancy for a Environmental Regulation & Permitting Consultant

After Dan Alstead joined our Hydrology department in June 2013 at Enzygo. We now have another new job opportunity for a Environmental Regulation & Permitting Consultant.

We are seeking to recruit a Senior and/or Principal Consultant in our Cromhall Office to provide Environmental Permitting and Compliance advice to clients across a wide range of projects within the waste management and renewable energy sectors.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New! Job Vacancies at Enzygo

Enzygo are looking to recruit two new team members. If you would like to work as part of a consultancy click the links below to find out information about the following positions;

Monday, 4 March 2013

Enzygo Release Development Value

Enzygo have helped secure planning consent for a large basement development at Cranfield Gardens, Camden despite opposition from local residents. We undertook a Basement Impact Assessment for the scheme covering geotechnical, hydrogeological and flood risk assessments. Working closely with the structural engineer and architect Enzygo presented the findings at the planning committee meeting and helped secure the client consent for the scheme which will significantly increase the value of the client’s property. Planning consent was successfully obtained despite local residents objecting to all new basement constructions in the area.